Hartman Mental Health Counseling P.C. (HMHC) was founded by Michael A. Hartman, LMHC, CDBT in 2022. Michael created the company to offer DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) to teens (ages 14-18) struggling with moderate to severe mental health challenges. These challenges most often manifest in impulse control issues/reckless behavior, suicidality, and severe emotion dysregulation. DBT was created by Marsha M. Linehan, Ph.D to originally treat Borderline Personality Disorder and is currently used to treat adolescents and young adults. A comprehensive utilization of DBT is used at HMHC including the works and treatment philosophy of Dr. Lane Pederson, Psy.D.

Challenges Our Client's Face:

- Impulsive and Reckless action (including dangerous behaviors to self, others, and risky behaviors).
- Chronic Mood Instability (living in rapidly changing emotional extremes).
- Chronic Depression and Anxiety.
- Impaired and/or unstable relationships with Family and Friends.
- Recurring Suicidality and Suicidal Thinking (Ideation).
- Substance Abuse Issues.
- Risk of Psychiatric Hospitalization.
- A pervasive feeling/thought experienced as "not knowing myself" (Unstable Sense of Self).
- Inability to tolerate stress without an "emotional blowout."

HMHC DBT Treatment Goals:

- Decreases in Treatment Interfering behaviors (TIBS) such as missing treatment sessions and lack of participation in therapy.
- Reduction of Suicidality (Behaviors, Thoughts, and Gestures).
- Increased mood stability as well as greater ability to tolerate distress (These goals go hand in hand).
- Decreased Depressed Mood and Anxiety.
- Elimination of Reckless and self-harm behaviors.
- Decreased Impulsivity and acting on "pure emotion."
- Gained ability to manage, engage in, and enjoy relationships more effectively.
- Elimination of Substance Use issues if they were present.
- Deepened understanding of one's emotions and their validity and usefulness in a healthy life.
- A greater connection to one's essential goodness, wisdom, autonomy, and connection to the world.
- Greater protection and management of mental health to mitigate further inpatient hospitalization.

Services Provided:

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