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Adolescent DBT Program

Serving clients ages 14-18 years of age with severe emotional dysfunction.

Our Adolescent Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Program is aimed at helping teens cope with moderate to severe emotion pain and dysfunction. If your child has needed inpatient hospitalization for suicidal behavior or ideation, parasuicidal behavior such as cutting, burning, or the like, then our DBT program is right for them. If your child has not been hospitalized, but is in intense emotional pain, receding socially from friends and family, struggling with depressive and/or anxiety symptoms, and/or is recovering from a trauma, then our program is right for them.

DBT draws from a rich history and treatment plan that has helped many people learn to live life again. This includes teenagers between the ages of 14-18 years of age. Many who have found relief after comprehensive DBT treatment have been saved from suicide and an existence of living in a chronic emotional hellscape. 

We offer comprehensive DBT and ask for a year long commitment at our program during the first wave of treatment. Our clinicians strive in helping your child regain control of both their emotions and themselves through a rigorous process that combines individual therapy, group, and phone coaching. Parents are not only welcome into their child’s healing process but are needed for the work to happen. It is our goal to educate our parents in the same DBT skills that their children learn. This helps extinguish patterns of behavior and relation within the family that cause infighting and further emotion dysregulation for all. Our group therapy is a hybrid approach that requires DBT skills to be learned by both the child and their parents. At least one of our client’s parents is required to attend weekly group sessions.

At Hartman Mental Health Counseling, we understand that you, your child, and your family have struggled to help your child through difficult times. Help is here. DBT is a renowned treatment and has significant evidence as a game changer for those who suffer from severe emotional pain and chronic emotional crisis. 

To learn more about DBT, please click here.

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