DBT To The Bone Consultation Group


DBT To The Bone!


Hartman Mental Health Counseling (HMHC) offers free DBT consultation. DBT To The Bone! is an online Zoom based consultation group were DBT practitioners congregate weekly to discuss their cases from the DBT perspective, review DBT skills, protocol, and theory, and practice core mindfulness skills. 

If you are interested in joining our consultation group, please email Michael@HartmanMHC.com.

DBT Consultation is a MUST!

Touted as “Therapy for the Therapist,” DBT consultation is a key component of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. If you’re not in consultation, you’re not doing DBT! While consultation can be one-to-one, it is often best to participate in a regular group with fellow DBT practitioners to check in on client’s and one’s own emotional wellbeing to receive dual support. 

HMHC is a proud host of regular DBT consultation regardless of employment status (at HMHC) or state lines. We playfully named the group DBT To The Bone!

In our consultation cohorts, we discuss the intricacies and risks of our cases to ensures safety and results for our clients through best care. Consultation is a meeting of the minds; all clinicians have blind spots and burnout limits. Check-ins and case analysis with other DBT providers helps therapists clear their heads and analyze their client’s challenges with refreshed eyes. 

If you would like to interview to see if our consultation group is right for you, please email Michael Hartman at Michael@HartmanMHC.com.

Please click here to view our consultation groups manual and guidelines.


Consultation Goals:

Recommended Readings for Consultation

We recommend our consultation members to have at least a basic-moderate grasp of DBT theory and recommend:

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